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Frequently Asked Questions

Who created the Artvatars project?

The Artvatars project is an idea manifested into fruition by MantaXR a longtime collector and dear friend of the CryptoArt space. MantaXR and his team set out to revolutionize NFT collecting while pushing the concept of NFT art to the next level.

What is Artvatars?

The idea is to create unique 1/1 NFTs designed by the best CryptoArtists and then to use AI technology in order to splice the artworks and recompose them to create a unique composition—a one-of-a-kind idea, unique to the industry.

What do I actually get?

You receive a 1/1 Artvatars NFT made from various parts of the artworks drawn by more than 60 of the best CryptoArtists. You get to be a part of a wonderful community, and you get to be a part of what we hope becomes a momentous event for the industry.

Can I sell and trade Artvatars?

Yes, you will be able to immediately sell and trade Artvatars on https://matic.opensea.io/ However, we recommend you HODL.

What is Ethereum Layer 2 and what are its advantages?

Ethereum Layer 2 consists of a secondary chain, such as Polygon (former Matic) which runs as a side chain to Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum has high gas fees due to increased usage. With Polygon’s technology, we are able to provide a fast and smooth experience to the user as well as near zero transaction fees.

Are the NFTs available to see and trade on Opensea?

You will be able to see the NFT a few minutes after the purchase on Opensea. You will also be able to trade it on https://matic.opensea.io/ as well. Soon, OpenSea will fully integrate Polygon/Matic onto their website, which will unite both websites and create one unified OpenSea.

How does selling and trading on the Polygon (Matic) OpenSea website work?

It is important to know that to purchase Artvatars from https://matic.opensea.io/, you will need to transfer Ethereum to the Polygon network. Once you do this and once your wallet connects to the website, you may purchase Artvatars. When you sell Artvatars, the Ethereum you receive can be transferred back to the Ethereum chain and be ready for use with your Metamask wallet.

Can I sell individual components of my Artvatars?

No, you may not sell individual pieces of your Artvatars. Your Artvatars comes as one NFT. Therefore, you may only trade your Artvatars as is.

This is very cool! Can I create my own Artvatars?

Artvatars are generated and composed through our proprietary AI algorithm upon purchase. The Artvatars you receive are meant to be a surprise. Enjoy it!

Where can I buy Artvatars?

You can buy Artvatars here on our website. Simply click on the Homepage, and then on the buy button once the project launches on Wednesday April 14 at 7:00am PST | 10:00am EST. You will also be able to purchase them on OpenSea, which will be a secondary market for Artvatars.

How many Artvatars can I purchase?

You may purchase as many Artvatars as you would like. However, we will be limiting the number of Artvatars our collectors may purchase per single transaction to a maximum of 2. This method ensures that everyone has a fair opportunity to get one or more Artvatars.

Why should I purchase Artvatars?

Artvatars is a unique project and the first of its kind. The Artvatars project created one of the largest collaborations amongst more than 60 of the best CryptoArtists currently with the goal of creating 20,000 unique 1/1 Artvatars NFTs. Keeping the collector in mind and understanding that collectors value uniqueness, Artvatars pushes NFT art and NFT collecting to the next level by uniting elite artists to create artwork and using an AI machine to generate exclusive 1/1 NFTs made from thousands of components uniquely arranged to create Artvatars.

When will I see the NFTs after the purchase in my wallet?

You will see the NFTs a few minutes after the purchase.

Where can I find your social media channels?

You can find us on social media! Follow us!
Twitter: @Artvatars
Discord: https://discord.gg/artvatars
Telegram: https://t.me/artvatars

What is the cost of an Artvatar?

We will announce the pricing on Tuesday, April 13, which is the day before Artvatars launches. Stay tuned and join our Discord to be the first to find out!

What is the cost of gas?

We will be the first art project to run on an Ethereum Layer 2 and thereby shield and protect our users from high gas costs. There are no gas costs at the time of purchase due to this technology.

Are they really 1/1 pieces?

Yes, they really are 1/1 pieces! With our proprietary technology, we guarantee that the AI-generated NFT will be a unique one. With more than 60 parts per component, the possibilities for unique 1/1 NFTs are almost endless!

What is the technology behind it?

We have developed our own proprietary technology for the Artvatars project in order to have the AI algorithm generate rare Artvatars. This tech is part of what makes Artvatars so unique. Additionally, Artvatars is the first art project to run on Ethereum Layer 2. In essence, we save our user from expensive gas fees.

What do I need to do to be ready to purchase Artvatars on April 14, the day of launch?

For now, make sure you 1-have a Metamask wallet, and 2-have Ethereum in your Metamask wallet.

Is the team doing anything to celebrate the launch?

Yes, we are! We will be having a Pre-Launch Party in our Artvatars Gallery and beautiful building in Somniun Space. The party is happening on Tuesday, April 13 at 4:30pm EST. You are invited! Come party with us! You can check out our gallery now by going here: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/606.

How exactly do I purchase Artvatars on the launch date?

It will be super easy on our website consisting of 3 simple steps (like the ones you take when purchasing something on Rarible or Opensea):

  1. You click on a button and deposit Ethereum
  2. You grant allowance for your Ethereum
  3. You buy the NFT with a click on "Sign"

Note: If you have multiple wallets, you will need to perform Step 2 for each wallet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To purchase you must transfer your Ethereum to the Polygon blockchain. We will offer the opportunity to do this on our website on Tuesday.

What happens after launch?

We will still be here and have a lot of ideas. We’re not planning on going anywhere! After launch, we will continue to work and promote Artvatars. We will also share our Artvatars and continue to upkeep our wonderful community on Discord. We have more planned soon and those on Discord always know the news first.